Advanced Water Effect

Advanced Water Effect

Easy to use water effect with many optional configuration options.
It comes with default settings; you only have to set a base image, a water image and the water image offset.
The above uncompiled preview is included.

  • Very easy to configure with parameters;
  • Option to decrease CPU load for large water images (used on “Image E”);
  • Usable with flex (with examples and tutorial);
  • Usable as Drag & Drop (no ActionScript required; with example and tutorial);
  • Usable with ActionScript only (with example and tutorial);
  • Many options for setting images (Library linkage name, Bitmap instance, MovieClip instance);
  • Easy to extend component;

Easy to make changes using the component’s Component Inspector as seen in the image below.
The properties are also accessible through ActionScript.

*All source code is included.
*Contains documentation for all properties and public functions.

*For questions about the component / implementation / features / custom features, leave a comment or send me an e-mail.