“Adventure” is an intense, epic, triumphant, glorious, inspirational and beautiful hollywood style cinematic track, with big drums, melodic strings, percussions instruments, piano and epic brass. This track it´s perfect for soundtrack, video games, background epic music in dramatic films, youtube videos, documentary, corporate videos, inspiring and motivational video, tv, slideshows, web, sports videos and more.

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Promote your upcoming projects, trailer for games or cinematic trailers with this high quality track made by Anuch. This epic composition was especially designed for this purpose. With a straight build up to an epic climax, this track covers it all in order to boost your promotional needs to the fullest! For those kind of boring times in movies, tv or games, when nothing is going on but you want it to sound epic. Be it a dialogue scene, a montage type scene, or something similar, this track is sure to liven up your project and make things feel and sound, grand with it’s short string staccatos, thunderous percussion and powerful horns. Good for trailers, openers, teasers and over commercial projects.

In this music, mixed a variety of emotions! Here there is also the heroism and inspiration, and the victory, and the epic notes for your trailer ! This is one of my best work! And I hope that this cinematic trailer and you will enjoy!

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