CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template

CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template

CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template

The CK XML Facebook Flip-Through Portfolio Template is a compact collection of galleries and/or sections with many smart functions and effects, for example, the zoom function which will zoom up to the full size of your image. The following things described in this summary can all be changed via the XML file. You can add or delete galleries to your liking. You can have as many images in a gallery as you like. You can change the height of the thumbnails. You can decide the color of the menu button and the color of the background color for each section/gallery. And of course you can change the site title and the music loop. You can also have an optional text section and an optional contact section. Warning: the text and contact sections must be the last sections or it will not work.

This file has been designed and programmed to suit Facebook integration. Even though viewed best at around Facebook’s size of 465×626, the SWF can be any size you like.

Here’s how you’re going to integrate it into your Facebook page:

This is the same file as ‘The Great Expanse XML Image Gallery Site Template’ but modified and edited for Facebook integration. Get the original file here:

AS3 only. Opens with Flash CS3.

Step by step instructions are included and code is commented. Also, two html files are included to demonstrate SWF embedding for both full browser and fixed size.

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