Client Area Pro

Client Area Pro

Client Area Pro is a fully functional web application allowing your business to get client feedback in one, convenient place. You can host it anywhere on your website’s server.

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- Easy installation, simply drop the files on your server and start adding projects!
- Full Content Management System (CMS), you don’t need to know any code!
- Get client feedback directly on the timeline of your video/audio files
- Clients can leave comments on each file
- Approve/Disapprove buttons
- Customize the background color and logo
- Displays common web files (jpg, png, gif, mp3, mov, m4v, mpg, mp4, flv, f4v, AS3 swf) and also allows for downloading any file type
- Create unique username and passwords for all projects
- Notifications when a client has added new comments
- All text comes from an XML file so you can change it to whatever latin-based language you want.
- You can use CAP as a gallery website by turning off login mode. Then any user can view all of your projects!
- Use CAP as a file repository for clients to download assets
- In-depth instructions for installation and adding clients and projects
- View features list while using the Client Area Pro demo

- You must have your own domain name and website hosting service provider. HostGator is recommended as an excellent and reliable hosting service. Client Area Pro was built and tested on their servers.
- Your hosting server must run PHP 5+ , Simple XML, GD Library and Flash (these are standard with most hosting services).
- Yahoo! Web Services does not support Client Area Pro.

Don’t need something so robust? Try the original Client Area v1!