Ecwid eCommerce Widgets for Adobe Muse

Ecwid eCommerce Widgets for Adobe Muse

Ecwid is ultimate eCommerce platform for Adobe Muse and these 11 widgets allow you to style everything to look exactly how you want it. With over 250 features over 100 more in the beta version) there’s no website that this widget wont look beautiful in.

If you’d like to skip past the awesome details of these awesome widgets, then let’s skip to the widgets!

Ecwid eCommerce integration into Adobe Muse

Why use Ecwid

  • It is the only platform that makes it possible for clients to add and manage products
  • Their basic plan lets you sell up to 10 products for free and there is no additional selling fees
  • Easy to customize everything to fit perfectly within your website
  • Many payment options for customers from credit cards, to PayPal, to Stripe that are all free to setup.
  • All payments are processed on Ecwid’s secure server so customers won’t need to worry about security
Ecwid widgets by J-26

Why J-26’s Ecwid Widgets

J-26 is the only developer that trusts their own widget to handle their eCommerce platform and here’s why you will too:

  • Over 6 months of development have been put into these widgets (with many more to come)
  • Over 250 customizable features with over 100 more in the beta widgets
  • These widgets are the only widget created for Adobe Muse that have AJAX indexing integrated into the widget for great SEO performance
  • Customize all font sizes, types, and colors
  • Customize the background color and text of every button
  • Beta widgets will allow you to change all of the text inside the storefront
  • Fully responsive and ready for Adobe Muse’s responsive update coming soon!
  • All updates will be emailed to you for free

What Ecwid has to say about this widget

J-26 plugin is the perfect fit for web designers and advanced Muse users who pay higher attention to the look and feel of their store pages [...]
11 widgets that come with the Ecwid widget for Adobe Muse

What comes with this purchase

  1. Storefront
  2. Storefront (Styling Add-On)
  3. Basic Shopping Cart
  4. Lightweight Shopping Cart
  5. Detachable Shopping Cart
  6. Add to Cart
  7. Add to Cart (Styling Add-On)
  8. Add to Cart (SEO Add-On)
  9. Search Bar
  10. Horizontal Navigation
  11. Overlay Navigation

Storefront Widgets


Ecwid eCommerce integration into Adobe Muse

Storefront (Styling Add-On)

Ecwid eCommerce integration into Adobe Muse

Shopping Carts

Basic Shopping Cart

Basic Cart Adobe Muse widget

Lightweight Shopping Cart

Lightweight Adobe Muse cart widget

Detached Shopping Cart

Detached Adobe Muse cart widget

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

Add to Cart

Add to Cart (Styling Add-On)

Add to Cart (Styling Add-On)

Add to Cart (SEO Add-On)

Add to Cart (SEO Add-On) Search Bar Adobe Muse widget


Navigation (Horizontal)

Horizontal navigation Adobe Muse widget

Navigation (Vertical)

Overlay navigation Adobe Muse widget