Fixl - Snap Layers to Pixel | After Effects Script

Fixl - Snap Layers to Pixel | After Effects Script


FIXL is an expression based and super easy to use After Effects ScriptUI Panel Add on, helping you to prevent your Shape Layers, Precomps or Footage from sub-pixel interpolation for a pixel perfect animating workflow.

Simply snap your layers to whole pixels on keyfames only to maintain a smooth and sub-pixel interpolated animation.


  • align layers position to Pixel Grid
  • only on keyframes to maintain sub-pixel interpolated animation
  • working with 2D & 3D layers


Before using FIXL make sure you have at least one layer selected where you want to apply the effect.

  1. Select Properties (for a sharp appearence you should have both properties selected)
  2. Select Dimension (this option automatically sets all your selected layers to the selected dimension)
  3. Enjoy!


  • FIXL.jsxbin
  • installation.txt
  • documentation.html


Track in Preview Video: Pop Rock
Music by: filmTones

This work is entirely my own. All visual design, coding, development and layout of this product are of my own creation.

If you have any questions, don’t hesitate to contact me! :)