Flat // Theme for PHP Live! Support

Flat // Theme for PHP Live! Support

Flat is a great wickedly cool theme that is modern, creative, professional looking but still very personal. The web is chaning every day and with Flat we are following the ‘Everybody has an identity style’-movement. Be unique, be creative, be professional, be modern – Use flat for phplivesupport!


  • Works with PHP Live! v4.4+
  • Works with embed and popup chat window
  • Includes operator console window theme
  • Social media profiles supported.
  • Display announcement messages to the visitor with chat footer marquee messages.

What is PHP Live! Support

PHPLiveSupport allows you to offer great customer service and live chat on your website. Offer support by chat and decrease wait times and phone costs and above all: Keep your customer happy which will result in more sales. Not only does PHPLive Support provide you with a powerful support chat system it also has great marketing solutions integrated. We, from JaDoVe, are designing themes for PHPLive Support for several years and were the first 3rd party theme designer for OSI Codes PHP Live Support.