Fresh Facebook Fan Page Template

Fresh Facebook Fan Page Template

UPDATES: VERSION 1.1 / Apr 17, 2012

Jan 22, 2012

  • added AutoSize option to the index.html Flashvars, now you can set you want the template to be resized on your browser resize or not

Jan 23, 2012

  • header update, navigation is optional inside the header for creating e-cards, now you can convert your template and stop using all of its pages and modules functionalities and create a simple and unigue e-card for different occasions

Jan 25, 2012

  • footer update, created a tool arrangment system

Jan 26, 2012

  • Now you can add as many share icons as you like inside the footer to link to your social networks
  • optional fullscreen button (all of the options can be removed and modified via XML)

Apr 17, 2012

  • Fixed minor security issue that has been caused by Flash player 11.2 which caused modules to stop being loaded correctly.


This template is optimized for Facebook, but also can be used by itself for your other usages; as it’s resizable if you’re going to use it with a different size outside of FB page and customize its colors and data to match your feel.
All of the configuration settings are via XML files and all of the Graphic files are inside one FLA file, for you to modify them in any way that you like.

  • TextArea technology (put modules by calling HTML tags)
  • customizable color and feel
  • unlimited number of pages
  • unlimited number of locations on the map (can also change map graphic and use it as an e-card for instance)
  • easy transition modification
  • easy graphics (all graphics can be modified) modification
  • auto size option
  • optional social sharing
  • optional tools
  • all of the contents and main settings can be modified via XML
  • easy font embedding
  • resizable
  • clean PDF help files, for setting up the template and integrate it into Facebook, step by step

modules (call their HTML tag and that’s it!)

  • video player (supports MP4, MOV, FLV, YouTube videos), you can also set Hyperlinks inside your content to change the video at any time.
  • slideshow (supports texts at each slide / pan and zoom ability)
  • banner (like slideshow more simpler)
  • buttons in line of your texts to navigate to external links
  • image viewer, now use “image” tag to resize the images if needed / also supports Animated GIF images
  • talking avatar (automatically lip syncs by giving it a MP3 voice file or just some texts to let it talk)

Check one of the XML files which contains some main settings


  • Images used in preview are from and and they are not included in the download package instead other images are used.
  • Easy font embedding! you can easily embed your fonts in a brand new SWF file (explained how to embed fonts in pdf help files) and add your fonts into the fonts list of the template XML file, now you can use your own fonts anywhere in the template.