Fullscreen Video Background YouTube And Flash

Fullscreen Video Background YouTube And Flash

With Logo, skip intro, navigate to url, load your own external swf inside… etc…


Youtube and Flash video support (flv, mp4, f4v…)
Load your own external swf in this movie.
Position all elements just with XML
(without opening the FLA files)
All elements are optional (remove them though XML ).
Navigate to url on video end.
Pause video on last frame, remove video on finish.
Loop videos.
Unlimited videos supported.
Optonal logo, with optional link attached.
Optional video controls.
Optional skip intro.
Optional video seekbar.
Optional video aspect ratio (fit inside, fit outside, stretch, original)
Use FlashVars parameters
Optional video patterns included in the package.


Special Thanks to InlifeThrill and plamencvetanov for sample videos used in the preview.