Highlight Video Player

Highlight Video Player

The Highlight Video Player is a player with the special option to add highlights in the timeline of the playback area. The highlights are activated by the progress of the video and can have a thumbnail and a text area. The thumbnail can be any size and the amount of text can also vary. The thumbnail can link to both a pop-up or a hyperlink.

There are many options for you to customize to your own needs via XML . Even if you do not use the highlights, this can be used as a very nice video player.

Interesting Features

  • Unlimited Highlights
  • Set the time of a highlight and the amount of seconds it has to be displayed
  • Choose your colors for the highlights
  • Supports different image sizes for both thumbnail and pop-up
  • Pop-up or Hyperlink when the thumbnail is clicked
  • Pop-up supports more images and includes an external link
  • Choose when the highlights appear (always / before buffer / before playback)

Other Customizables

  • Auto Play
  • Sound On Start
  • Click video for Playback Toggle
  • Double click video for Fullscreen
  • Optional Fullscreen button
  • Optional logo feature with left and right align option
  • Optional ending

  • Specifications

    • All customizations can be done through XML
    • Library items are labeled carefully for the best usability
    • Animations are done with the high performance Greensock tweening engine
    • Many popular video formats are supported
    • Fonts included in the download file


    • Clear explanation of what all the files do, what to change and what to upload
    • Also a chapter explaining how to add your preferred special characters

    Please note that the video and images used are not available in the download file. Instead there is another example video with images used.