Kites Game

Kites Game

This game “Kites” is an actual simulation of kite flying. Not every game has been so simple and yet so fun. This game uses just a single key i.e. SPACE BAR and yet it is just as fun as any other complex games.
Try playing this unique game, hope you will have fun.

  1. Unique game play
  2. Built in Actionscript 3.0
  3. Infinite levels as only difficulty increases.
  4. Personalize this game changing various XML parameters
  5. Resizable, best size will be 650 X 400 or Higher.
  1. Use “SPACE BAR” to fly the kite.
  2. Kill all the enemy kites before the time runs out.
  3. Avoid the KILLER kites to survive.
  4. Look for the BONUS and ONE UPs. Enjoy flying kite!
  1. [21st March 2012] : Changes in game play and appearance.
Credits & References

We would like to thank:

  1. Tweener for making my transitions so perfectly smooth
  2. Font Squirrel  and CufonFonts for all the fonts
Sound Files

We would like to thank for providing free sound fx. Following are the actual links to the sounds used in the game.


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