Klimax Mobile & SEO Friendly XML Template + CMS

Klimax Mobile & SEO Friendly XML Template + CMS

If the above link to the preview doesn’t show, use this link here. To preview the CMS click here (the website works everywhere, but for logging in to the CMS please use a modern browser).

!!!!! In what is possibly the coolest file update to ever happen on AD…Klimax now has a full content management system! New buyers: just buy and download, it already has it for ya. For past buyers, you can check out this page here for how to make your current site work with the new CMS! !!!!!


Built on the Proven Royal XML Template – Built on top of the tried and true, reliable, seo & mobile friendly, and wildly popular Royal XML Template and Enigma XML Template. Including many of the same modules, but also more!

Full Content Management System – Never worry about editing again. This site comes with a full content management system that requires no database, no special installations. Just upload & log in. It makes WordPress installations look like rocket science! The same CMS used in the top-selling Ivory template.

XML Driven Content – XML driven menu, pages, deeplinks, and page modules. Including most of the text content being flash HTML/CSS capable.

SEO System – PHP driven automatic system that writes out SEO backup based on the XML file for that page. It also allows you to shut off the automatic SEO for that page and manually write the backup content. HTML SEO content can also be manually written in for it if you don’t have PHP support.

Mobile Friendly – Not only is there a mobile friendly HTML backup system, but it takes it a step further and automatically detects flash hashes from deeplinking and redirects to the proper mobile page. So it is truly mobile (and other devices without flash) friendly.

Content Management – Includes the popular “Asset Manager” system for free (a $35 product).

Color Neutral – All colors you see are not part of the hard coded flash. The scroller colors set in the xml, the menu rollovers too, the logo image is changed via XML…completely brandable!

Deeplinking – SWFAddress driven deeplinking system. This means full back button capability, the ability to give people links to internal pages, and all the other advantages that comes with using SWFAddress.

Analytics – Ties in with your Google Analytics account and tracks page views, times visited, visit duration, geographic location of visitors, information about the visitor’s system, and much more.

Submenus – Submenus that tie in with your deeplinking for a seamless experience.

Image, Swf, & Video Backgrounds – Use large beautiful images, flv, f4v, or H.264 video or custom animated swf files for page backgrounds. Create slideshows of images for a page background, use blind transitions (or normal fades) or use subtle particle and bokeh effects or even create a glimmering blinds effect. It’s all included and easy to do in the XML. You can also leave the backgrounds blank.

Background Effects – Have a normal image fade in…or have blinds effects, or a slideshow, or bokeh effects, or a grid overlay, or particle effects, or blinds glimmering effects…or all of them! This is the most powerful backgrounds and backgrounds effect engine you’ll find in a flash template!

User Friendly – Utilizing simple page module designs with full mouse wheel support (including mac) to create pages that leaves no one guessing at how to interact with content.

Extendable – Designed to be used as a simple XML driven website or stripped down to nothing and used as a framework for extending by experienced devs. There are systems for extending the main template, for creating extra page modules (including the html backup system) and for creating custom swf pages that are XML driven from the same xml structure as the rest of the template.

YouTube Video – Video content that takes advantage of YouTube not only for flash video, but also uses its HTML5 backup system for mobiles (told you it was mobile friendly). And new to the Royal line, you now have full control over YouTube video quality!

Attention to Details – Fullscreen video that covers the screen but goes back to its normal size without leaving fullscreen mode if you were already in fullscreen mode before clicking the video fullscreen button, video that mutes the MP3 player when playing, a contact form that reminds users why their keyboard input doesn’t work if they’re in fullscreen mode (adobe disallows keyboard input in fullscreen), a paging system that allows you to make a page and its deeplink but choose not to show it in the menu, HTML links within your HTML rich text that allow you to link to other pages within the flash seamlessly yet convert to regular HTML links in the HTML backup version of the site, mouse wheel support throughout all page modules and the lightbox, custom swf pages that still can use the automatic HTML backup feature by including an XML file, an mp3 player that can remember the volume the user sets it for and re-use that each visit, and many many more small features that really make a big difference.

30+ Pages of Documentation – Not only is there tons of documentation, but you can view it all before you buy: Klimax Documentation.


BLUR SLIDER (home page)

The blur slider module is a specialized module designed to be your home page. It has a list of large full screen images with 2 optional lines of text and an optional link for each slide. It’s designed to be big, bold and beautiful!

The mixed gallery module is designed to hold image thumbs and show a lightbox of images, swfs, or youtube video. It includes features such as pagination (can be turned on or off), optional amount of rows of images to show per page, and optional HTML/CSS rich text above and/or below the gallery.


The single video module is designed to show a single YouTube video. It also uses YouTube’s HTML5 backup features and optional HTML/CSS rich text above and/or below the video. The video also has fullscreen mode and is smart about watching whether you were in fullscreen mode before pressing the fullscreen button. If you were, then when you leave fullscreen video the video goes back to normal size, but it leaves the site in fullscreen mode like it was before.


The Slideshow module is designed to display images in an almost menu like format with text underneath, making it a great homepage option for those that can’t make a custom swf for the home page. It also shows HTML/CSS text underneath each image as you navigate through it, turning a pretty slider into a useful page of content. It is also mousewheel enabled for easy and simple use.


The traditional HTML flash template page module, except with your CSS styling applied and smooth,easy to use scrolling. Like all the other HTML/CSS fields in these page modules, it allows images, swfs, bullet lists, text colors and sizing, and much more.


Most templates give you the ability to import a custom swf as a page (and does this one). But that feature tends to be hard to use because of limited space to show your custom swf. The scroll swf module solves that and allows designers and animators to lay out their own custom swf pages without space limitations. The swf can be made with a standard column width and any height and will scroll in the same fashion as any other page module.


The portfolio module is a list of projects/clients that allows each one to show a group of images, swfs or YouTube videos. It also allows an image and HTML/CSS text to represent each project, and has smooth mouse wheel support for navigating. Being able to show whole lists of images, swfs, and video for each project makes for a robust portfolio with tons of options.


The portfolio2 module is similar to the original portfolio module in function, but with different layout and looks. It has a list of projects/clients that allows each one to show a group of images, swfs or YouTube videos. It also allows a small bit of HTML/CSS text to represent each project, and has smooth mouse wheel support for navigating. Being able to show whole lists of images, swfs, and video for each project makes for a robust portfolio with tons of options.


Enough with tiny news tickers and little scrolling text areas as news modules. People are used to a blog format layout for news and announcements. This news and blog module gives them what they’re looking for, and includes options for paging, allows tons of HTML/CSS support for rich text styling, and uses excerpt post previews.


A contact form, an address field with HTML/CSS rich text, and social media icons galore. The form is complete with confirmation of valid email address and that a name and message has been entered. It also detects fullscreen mode (for which adobe disallows text input) and alerts the user that they need to exit fullscreen mode to type, as opposed to most templates which just look broken.


Have a series of videos you want to show on one page? Now you can with the multi-video. This shows a series of YouTube videos that you can scroll through and play. Perfect for a video series or someone with a portfolio of videos.


Seems like a simple module…but the simple ones are often the most useful. Just one larger video in the middle of the page that autoplays when the page loads. The perfect showreel page…or the perfect home page for those that want a video self introduction.

A simpler and more visual version of the mixed media gallery, show thumbs that on click will show images, swfs, or youtube video. Separate the thumbs into pages or have one long scrolling series.


Of course you can import custom swf files to use as pages as well. These align to the top left origin to allow you full control over your own alignment and display of content. It also lets you associate an XML file of content that will be written out for the SEO/Mobile HTML backup system. So even your custom swf pages can be SEO and mobile friendly.


  • Tim McMorris: The audio loop featured in this template is “Translation” by the AudioJungle author Tim McMorris. This guy is an amazing audio master, you should definitely listen to his work! He has a full range from instrumental to fully produced vocal songs to club type music, and it’s all top-notch work. He’s one of the best AudioJungle has to offer. The audio is not included in the download, because it’s his audio, not mine.

  • YouTube Videos: All YouTube videos are property of their respective owners. They are obviously not included in the download…because they’re on YouTube.

  • Stock Photos: None of the stock photos used in the preview are included in the download. If you want them you can find them all on fotolia.

  • PHP Scripts: This file uses PHP for many features. PHP is totally dependent on your server to run. This will run propery for 99%+ of PHP capable servers, but some odd hosts servers are going to be different and will need modifications made to the scripts to run properly. So there is a marginal chance that you may need a freelancer to make sure this runs on your server, you should buy this product with that in mind. However I have not run into problems more complex than just making sure you have PHP 5 (which it normally already is, and usually can be upgraded for free on request if not) in hundreds of sales of this template framework, so you’re pretty safe.

  • Fonts: 2 embedded fonts are mainly used in these files. The first is “Bebas Neue”. It is free and downloadable here. The second is Calibri, which is a standard font on windows systems (vista and later). Arial or Helvetica are good replacements.

  • The CMS: This is the first royal series template that didn’t come with a CMS, that has been upgraded to have a CMS. For new buyers it’s stable. For older buyers upgrading, we’ve got a little figuring out to do while we perfect the upgrade instructions for ya, so don’t be shy, ask so that I can see any upgrade issues people are having and can work on them. This CMS requires PHP5 and server permissions to write files. Most hosts have this just fine, but just to make it easier to know I’ve prepared this download which you can put up on your server, navigate to it in your browser, and it will perform tests and give you info about compatibility. No guarantee could ever be made for any product working on an unknown server, but this will ease your mind before buying that it will work for you.

  • Support: I can’t offer gauranteed support, but I do try to offer the best support I can and I do a fairly good job. Please check the documentation and the item F.A.Q. before asking, and try to find if anyone else asked your question in the item comments as well, thanks.

  • Latest Update: The latest update is from Apr 19th, 2012, buyers from on/before that day can re-download the newest files. It contains some CMS bugfixes of things noticed by buyers, and an updated contact form script to “future-proof” the script with the newest php code. To new buyers: what you download is always the newest version, don’t worry about it. To previous buyers: re-download the main download package, and swap out everything from new download CMS ’s admin folder into your site’s admin folder. Then in the template replace scripts/send_mail.php with the scripts/send_mail.php from the new zip as well, then your done!
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