Magnifier lens

Magnifier lens

The magnifier doesn’t need more than 3 lines of code to make it work and you can insert it easily into your projects because it doesn’t have any library items and doesn’t use any reference to _root – it makes everything from code. You just have to set the parameters, and it will do the rest.

The parameters can be either into an xml, or just typed into the code and recompiled.

Parameters you can set:
  • scale (in percent – default is: magnify to 150%)
  • lens radius (in pixles)
  • image path (or movieclip linkage name)
  • an optional second image path (or mc linkage name)

It works with both external images and library simbols(movieclips).

It has 2 modes:
  • Scale mode – where you only set an image and that image is scaled to produce the magnifing effect
  • Double Image mode – where you set 2 images with the EXACT same aspect ratio (usually the same image just in different resolutions)
You can create different effects, like:
  • magnifier for different products
  • magnifier for a map for example
  • xray machine – for example you could have a building and see the people inside this way, or for an anatomy study or something…

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