Mercury - Theme for MTDb (Movies and TV Database)

Mercury - Theme for MTDb (Movies and TV Database)

Mercury is a Theme for MTDb – Ultimate Movie&TV Database, it updates almost all pages from original theme, features a clean and modern interface, parallax backgrounds, user friendly interface and is cross-browser compatible and responsive.


This theme requires a working installation of the latest MTDb version.


Mercury is compatabile with latest MTDb version as well as latest Streaming Plugin version.


2015 August 07 – Version 1.2

- Fixed an issue with 'watch trailer' button not working on some pages.
- Fixed an issue with 'new review' modal not being visible.
- Fixed an issue with user reviews ratings not displaying properly.
- Menus for news, people, profile and other pages will now match the theme better.
- Episodes list page will now link to main series page properly.

2015 July 29 – Version 1.1.1

- 'Add link' button will now be shown properly if streaming plugin is installed.
- Fixed a few issues with missing images in dashboard.
- Corrected some display issues with ads placement.