Music Mass Experimental Instrument

Music Mass Experimental Instrument

The instrument is all about musical experiments, however there are several real instrument simulations active under the hood. For example you can play electric piano with your keyboard ( yeap, you have a sustain pedal feature built-in ). You can also decorate your improvisation with things I like to call music atoms that will bounce of the pads and produce a sound once there is impact. Special attention was dedicated to the actual impact. The hit not only produces a sound, but rather a variation of sounds. Mixing in several layers of expression and 14 different instruments, Music Mass will surely give the user enough combinations to play with. On top of that the instrument is completely customizable in both visual and sound perspective.

I hope you enjoy playing with it.


Feature List

- 14 different instruments - Polyphony expressive electric Piano - 7 Synth Pad Layers - Collision Pads Auto Align System - Grid Helper for precise collision-music relations - Fully customizable sounds ( sample replace ) - Slick interface - Brand your own version

Development Notes

In order to start building the instrument, simply open up the appropriate FLA version for your setup and test the movie. It should be up and running asap. Basic configuration can be found in in the Game Folder.