mySlideShowSite (xml fullscreen gallery)

mySlideShowSite (xml fullscreen gallery)

A simple, slick & professional looking XML based slideshow site.


  • Easy to navigate, just roll your mouse wheel to go to next or previous image! it loops too!
  • images are Scaled to fit screen, no distortions!
  • one click to fullScreen mode!
  • add in as many images as you wish, the buttons will scroll automatically, resize the browser and see the difference!
  • set auto start/countdown duration, slide speed, choose to scale images to fit browser or not all in XML itself! (if its not set to scale, image will position itself in the center with original size).
  • no blank screen while waiting for the next image to load.
  • main movie preloader & image preloaders are included too.

Other information like About, phone number etc can be easily edited in the fla.

the example you see is a Flash CS3 version but i have also INCLUDED a Flash 8 version without the fullScreen function & the related button taken out ;)

PLS NOTE: this only shows images as it is using bitmapData to re-capture the images, so if you try to load a swf it will only show the 1st frame.

AATW- added along the way

  • To keep bottom panel opened all time – 5th Jan 08 – Two steps:
    1. on frame 17, line 219, disable this line by putting //
      //root.myCP.t_hitArea.onRollOver = showControls;
    2. on frame 17, on line 35:
      change :
      root.myCP._y = sh-root.myCP.t_bg11._height;
      to this:
      root.myCP._y = sh-root.myCP.t_bg11._height-root.myCP.t_bg._height;
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