On Air Soccer Graphic

On Air Soccer Graphic


watch HD version here: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=Go8HcUhXdUc&feature=youtu.be

This is a fully-automatic soccer graphic package very easy to use.

This package includes:

- CS3 version and CS4 with universal expressions

- 3 language translations + custom language

- automatic update: just enter all the informations you need (player names, score, statistics, etc.) in one place, and all the graphics will be automatically updated

-automatically graphics for penalty graphic elements

– customizable 3d logos

– pre-render images for faster rendering

– music soundtrack

– 4 render formats: 1080, 720, PAL DV 4:3, PAL DV 16:9

– customizable color adjustment

– broadcast ready

– no 3d party plugins required

Photo Credits:Pawe? Cie?la, Andre Kiwitz, Neier, Agência Brasil, Rdikeman, Markbarnes, Tourism Victoria, Adrian Furby