onTrack - IT Asset Management & Project Management

onTrack - IT Asset Management & Project Management

onTrack enables you to inventory hardware assets and licenses for your clients, get your projects organized, provide support through tickets and track and organize your work with issues.

onTrack comes fully featured with network service monitoring, credentials manager, kanban project management, reports, user panel and many more features.


  • Dashboard
    Overview of your activity including opened tickets, assigned issues, recent assets and licenses.
  • Assets
    Keep track of all the hardware you manage.
  • Licenses
    Create and manage all your licenses.
  • Projects
    Easy to use project management feature.
    Visualize and organize your work with ease with the new Kanban board feature.
  • Tickets
    Use support tickets to provide support for your clients.
    Auto-import tickets from any email account.
  • Issues
    Track and plan your work through issues.
    Assign issues to other team members. Associate issues to other objects in the system like clients, assets or projects.
  • Credentials Manager
    Easily manage all your credentials. You can assign credentials to assets and/or clients.
  • Clients
    Easily manage all client’s data in one single page.
  • Monitoring
    Be the first to know if your servers goes down.
    Network service monitoring with email and SMS alerts.
  • Reports
    Generate timesheet like reports for your clients with all logged work and time.
  • Client Portal
    Easy to use client portal.
    Your clients can view their inventory, view work progress and submit tickets.
  • Customizable
    Multiple themes to select from and customizable layout.
  • Easy Installation, Gravatar support, Email & SMS notifications, Kanban Project Management and many more


To run onTrack your hosting server must support the following:

  • PHP version 5.4 or greater;
  • MySQL version 5.5 or greater;
  • PHP PDO MYSQL extension;
  • PHP FSOCKOPEN extension (for service monitoring);
  • Cronjobs (for automated tasks like email ticket and service monitoring).


Version 1.1 (14 Feb, 2016)

- Project Management with Kanban board;
- File storage for clients, assets & projects;
- UI improvements;
- Bug fixes

Version 1.0 (4 Feb, 2016)

* Initial Release