Quiz with Countdown and Certificate

Quiz with Countdown and Certificate

Quiz with Countdown and Certificate:

Using this quiz module you can create multiple choice and true false question with an unlimited number of questions. Post completion of the assessment you would be issued a Printable Completion Certificate.

This Quiz module has the following features and customization available:

  • You can very easily change the number of questions in this quiz
  • Unlimited number of questions can be generated in this quiz
  • Score per successful answers can be customized
  • User tracking available in this quiz
  • Printable Completion Certificate generation post completion
  • Completion Date remains printed on the final Certificate
  • Final Grades depending on final scores
  • Customize the Time of the Countdown clock for the assessment session
  • Remove the Countdown clock
  • Number of attempts /tries can be customized
  • Correct response are displayed after the attempts in this quiz
  • Choose a multiple choice or true false question
  • All Graphics are very easily customizable in this quiz

You can use this for any educational evaluation or assessments, for use in E-learning modules, Computer based trainings as well as Web based trainings.