Slot Machine

Slot Machine

Dear Game Coders!

We are planning to convert our games into Drag n Drop (AS3) classes. But we really need your feedback on the idea before we get going.

What are we planning?

Drag and drop classes will mean that a game mechanic, like a jigsaw puzzle, quiz or slot machine, would be available to those of you with coding knowledge, so that you can simple drag / load the functionality into your own code (‘instantiate’ is the correct term).

Would these classes help you? Let us know and add any comments at or in the comments section.

Thanks in advance,

Chris and Tom from Tweaks

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Slot Machine

* Version 2.2 Just Released! 01/11/2014 *

This game is part of the Casino Games Bundle Pack.
Available here at $25
hot sellersDescription

‘Create your own online Slot Machine or convert this game to a Mobile App with Adobe Air.’

A customizable Slot Machine simulator by Tweaks Games. Add your own reels, sound effects, background and button graphics to create any Slot Machine style. Alter Odds, Credits, Bet Increments, Currency, endless plays and more.

hot sellersFeatures List
  • Simple to re-brand and customize with your own graphics and sounds
  • Fast and lightweight, built with Flash & AS3
  • Re-size to fit your website
  • Fun and addictive games keep your visitors coming back
  • Customize everything!
  • Alter all the backgrounds, reel symbols, buttons and more
  • Alter all Sounds
  • Alter all Odds
  • Alter the credits
  • Alter the bet Increments
  • Alter the currency
  • Allow endless plays
hot sellersTestimonials
Awesome app for two reasons: 1. The app itself, for its UI, feature set & customizability. Couldn’t find anything as good as this one. Great work! 2. Support! Chris has provided email support better than my hosting company. Best wishes to Chris and his apps! pradeepv
I just bought this game, love it already! thenextmogul
I just made a purchase and everything works great! oletije
Great game, looks so nice!! Just played online the preview. duquekarl
great work! designesia
Looks really nice and is fun to play. Congrats! Devarai
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You can email us directly via our profile page or leave a comment on a game page.

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