Smart Website Analytics

Smart Website Analytics

The easiest website analytics solution ever.

Smart Website Analytics is a powerful analytics application for your website. It collects all the metrics that are important and displays all the analytics that really matter in a clear and clutterless way. With Smart Website Analytics you get to know everything about your website and its visitors that really matters for your success.

All the metrics that really matter:

- Live Analytics (Visitors, Pageviews, Countries, Devices…)
- Visitors and Pageviews
- Pages
- Referreres
- Countries
- Devices
- Operating systems
- Browsers
- ...

Awesome features:

- Super easy to use
- No database needed - 30 second setup on any website (only needs PHP)
- Live real-time analytics
- 10+ different metrics
- All important stats
- Use on unlimited pages
- Great modern design


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