Stylish valentines hearts XML background

Stylish valentines hearts XML background

Add a little love to your websites and use this file to create unique animated backgrounds. Great for valentines day, e-cards or for creating a romantic feel. You can use it in your flash files or in your HTML files. The content can be modified by an XML file so you don’t even need to have Flash to be able to edit and use it (swf is included)! If you want to edit it in flash full instructions are included to remove the XML aspect.

The swf automatically resizes to fit your page, the animation covers all of the space and the heart size remain just as you specified them!

There are 5 different style of heart along with lots of parameters you can modify to create very different looks. There are literally hundreds of combinations!

Parameters which can be changed are:

- heart size - blur - background gradient, both colour and orientation - fall / rise speed - transparency - number of hearts, colour of hearts, speed of rotation

Very small file size only 4kb!

If you have any questions then please feel free to ask. Spread the LOVE ;-)