Tile Puzzle

Tile Puzzle

Tile puzzle is a game in which you have to rearrange the tiles to form a complete picture. Fully XML supported level data so you can build any number of levels. Support custom game board size and image stretch.

Customization of each level includes:

  • Level Title
  • Puzzle Image
  • Background audio track
  • Time limit
  • Set warn time
  • Board background color
  • Show/hide tile index number as hint
  • Show/hide reference image as hint
  • Total number of rows
  • Total number of columns
  • Gap in between each tile
  • Has bevel on tile
  • Bevel depth
  • Has shadow
  • Hint text size
  • Has background bhind hint text
  • Hint text color
  • Hint text background color
  • Corner radius of tile
  • User can add any number of event driven sound using Game Audio Class

  • Level complete audio track
  • Level loose audio track
  • All the events related to time are handled by Game Clock Class

  • timeUpdate
  • timeShort
  • timeOver